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1 hour payday loans

There’s probably no argument that 1 hour payday loans may be something that could be very useful indeed.

You may have a lot of happy memories but these may not help get you through the rest of January until you next get paid – at least not when it comes to having to deal with bills and unexpected expenditure.

A payday loan may be able to offer something a bit more concrete than a heart-warming memory.

So what exactly are payday loans and where can you apply?

The what

Payday loans are commonly also known as payday advances or fast cash loans:

they are typically for sums of around $100-$500, though more can be available in some circumstances
interest is charged on a daily basis and other charges may also be levied
the whole loan together with agreed interest and charges is paid back when you next get paid

The where

Many payday loan providers operate over the internet. They may typically have a short online application process and there may be an almost instantaneous decision on your application following a fast credit check.

The how

Provided you have a job with predictable pay dates, are over 18 and own a bank account which has a debit card attached, then you may be eligible for 1 hour payday loans. If approved, you could see the loan amount paid into your bank account very quickly indeed.

The repayment of the loan may typically be taken from your bank account in the form of a debit card transaction on your agreed date.

The why

Payday loans are available for just about any reason you may have. You typically will not come across any questions relating to why you want the loan during the application process.

Once it has been paid into your bank account, payday loans can be used for whatever purpose you choose.

So you could use 1 hour payday loans to settle that unexpected bill. Equally though, you could use the loan to take advantage of those January sales.